Live Test Subject

Lap & Shoulder Belts
@17 MPH

The volunteers are male, and in good physical
condition. They are awake and fully braced before
each test. It is not possible to test human subjects at
severities higher than 17 MPH because of the  risk
of serious injury. Although the subjects are not
pregnant females, the distension of their abdomens
in this low level crash is evident. Abdominal
distension would be greatly exaggerated for a
pregnant woman.

Cadaver Test Subject

Lap & Shoulder Belts
30 MPH

It is not possible to test live subjects at 30
MPH because of the likelihood of severe
injuries, and there are no crash test dummies
that accurately simulate abdominal response.
Thus cadavers are used,
Extensive distension of the abdomen at
30 MPH is evident.
In these film strips, you will see actual
crash testing using
Full Scale Impact Simulating Test Sleds
with live human volunteers and cadavers.